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My dev box is currently runnng  WINXP pro, VS2008 pro and SQLServer 2005 dev plus SqlExpress. Now I need to install SQLServer 2008 dev on that same box. I plan to keep SqlExpress and all existent databases. How easy is the installation going to be?  Any precautions or caveats to beware of? Can I use SSAS with the new SQL2008 intall and the preinstalled VS2008? Thanks for any help.
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Chris MConnect With a Mentor Consulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
You definitely can install more than two instances of SQL even if they are not the same version. The only thing you cannot do with WinXP is installing Standard or Enterprise editions.
All you have to do is ensuring that the instance names are different and for easier manageability, kindly use slighly different installation paths (if you can).
You can also make connectivity easier by creating aliases (use SQL server config manager or SQL server client network utility if you run an SQL 2K instance) pointing to the different service names and ports. (No 2 SQL servers can run on the same port) and SQL client tools tend to default to specific ports.
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Chris Musasizi.
St3veMaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can install it however it will ask you for an instance name as the chances are based on your question that the default instance is in use.

Just be aware of resource utilisation on your dev machine; perhaps close down some of the unused SQL Server instances for a while?
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