SSAS 2008 OLAP Cube to View Comparison

I have a cube that I have created in SSAS 2008 where I need to compare the sale of items within one company against the same items across multiple anonymous companies.  I have created roles in order to restrict access to an individual company and created a view of the transactions and added it as a new measure group so that there can be a comparison of the item (single company) to items (all companies).  Basically it is not working.  When I drill down using the company role (that then shows their company name - only) and then add the measure from the all companies group, the names of the other companies show up too.  Obviously I do not want this to happen.  How can I show the all company calculations without showing the company names?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Berkeley2306Author Commented:
ah ha!  Thank you.
You can create a calculated measure with such a calculation:
([Basic Measure], [all company dim].[all company meamber name])

This calculation will show value for all regardless of the selected dimension member.
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