Symantec EPM Login Error


I seem to have an issue with Symantec EPM. When attempting to login to the EPM it says:

 Failed to connect to server

Make sure the server is running and the session has not timed out
If you can reach the server, but cannot log on, make sure you have provided the correct parameters
If you were experiencing issues, please contact your system administrator

This is a clean install of EPP, a reinstall after the previous install was doing the same thing. Possibly related, when attempting to create the client deployment install .exe, it seems to hang on the creation process.

Any help is appreciated.

-Attached is a print screen of the error message.

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Couple of easy questions first.  Are you logging in to the web interface or local to the box?  Where is your database located?  And then the obvious, did you change the admin user name and is it maybe reverting back to the old one?  More than likely it is happening because of the ports are already in use on the box that is running the console.  If they are not and SQL is located on another server, do you have the SQL client tools loaded on the console server?  Are both of those services started?  
m_r_rAuthor Commented:
Cheers, forgot about this
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