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My POP3 email server is transmitting spams using my user's email address. How do I cure this problem? I also have a MS Exchange mail server. How do I stop and prevent this from happening?
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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

You need a spam controller. Below is a good list of Spam controllers;

Probably the password of the user is compromised.
Reset the password.
check this

Your explanation is not clear:
1) Do you mean your server is actually sending e-mails with your account ?
=> you have a security problem and should fix it


2) Some people (you, colleagues, third-party company) receive spams apparently "from: your@address"?
=> Generally, it's just because your address is used by spammer in the "From" field to send spams => You can't do anything. It's up to the receivers to correctly set up their spam filters and detect, when possible, that it's not been actually sent by the server it's pretending to be


3) You are getting too much spam, some are said to be sent from your address
=> check your computer locally (be sure there's no worm, or whatever) and add an anti-spam filter on your server as "uetian1707" said
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