Slow NAS (Synology) Transfer Rate

Router: Linksys RV042 (Firmware Version:
NAS: Synology DS207+ (Firmware DSM 2.1-0839)

Having owned a few Synology NAS, this particular transfer rate is extremely slow. When I try to open even a 100kb word document, it pauses for 30 seconds before opening, when I open a 2mb photoshop file, it takes over minutes. There're only around 5-7 users connected at any point with very low usage.

Can anyone advise how can I trace the performance issue of the NAS?  Is it possible that having VPN turned on (IP becomes 10.116.171.X) on the Router affects the network performance?

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dennisdominicConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found out the reason is that Linksys RV042's Ports needs to be on Auto Negotiation mode and not 100M Full Duplex.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
are all NAS devices sitting on the same internal subnet behind the router?

when you talk about accessing the NAS, is it internal access or that through VPN?
dennisdominicAuthor Commented:
All sitting on the same internal subnet.
Accessed on local LAN.
The PCs and NAS are connected to the same Router  (Linksys RV042).
When I transfer a 100mb file,
PC to PC transfer at around 4mb/sec.
PC to NAS (or NAS to PC) transfer at around 700kb/sec.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> this particular transfer rate is extremely slow
> PC to NAS (or NAS to PC) transfer at around 700kb/sec.

PC to the specific NAS? or any NAS?
I would start to check if the NAS filesystem is healthy.
Improper shutdown might damage the filesystem.

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