How to Extract a 16-bit InstallShield EXE?

I am trying to extract a 16-bit InstallShield installer for use on a 64-bit machine. However, I can't even extract it on a 32-bit machine. I've tried most of the popular archivers (WinRAR) and even UniExtract.

Any ideas? Is there a command line thing to extract it to a path?

Note: I cannot give out the installer or any code from it.
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Open Explorer to %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp

Launch the app and see if it caches it to the Temp directory above, before it fails..... Might try it on a 32bit os as well....
travisjbennettAuthor Commented:
Ok, so it did extract to C:\Windows\Temp

I had to use a Microsoft Virtual Machine (XP 32bit) to see it -- it was less cluttered that way -- but sort by date modified would have likely worked too.

The installer inside was 16-bit as well, so I installed it on the clean Virtual Machine, then copied over the folders and shortcuts manually, and did a registry search for the program title. I extracted those keys, then combined all those extracted .reg files using a text editor. Executing that .reg file on my 64-bit machine, the program ran like a charm.

Good to hear.... Remember, its alos helpful to clear that directory prior to launching, makes it even that much more easier to find...  :)
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