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romote access to the nodes


Cn anyone tell me how to have a remote view of the other nodes from the server.So that the server admin is able to monitor the other users system without their knowledge.
3 Solutions
you might use TSADMIN.
From MS website:
"Tsadmin.exe: Terminal Server administration
This tool is included in all Windows Server 2003 operating systems except Windows Server 2003, Web Edition.

Version compatibility
This tool will run on all Windows Server 2003 operating systems except Windows Server 2003, Web Edition.

Use Terminal Services Manager to view information about terminal servers that reside in trusted domains. Use this tool to monitor users, sessions, and applications on each terminal server, and to carry out assorted actions to manage the server.

When a user creates a session by connecting to a terminal server from a client computer, the session appears in the Session list in Terminal Services Manager. In addition, the name of the user who logs on by using the session appears in the Users list. Any applications run in the users session can be monitored on the Processes list. Therefore, you can oversee all users, sessions, and processes on a terminal server from one location."
In SCCM Server 2007 there's a application named rc.exe which can be used to connect to the current user sessions of a computer.
Command is:
<path>\rc.exe 1 <computername>

When connecting the user has to confirm the admin connection on its session.
I don't think that there's existing a tool or application which can do this silent, as i don't think it's legal because the users privacy...
I use SpectorSoft Spector Pro 2009 and it works great.

Here is a link to thier site:


I am able to install a remote viewer on my desktop and can access the users session without them being aware.  I only install this software on office staff PCs that the company owns.  As merowinger said be careful about who you "spy" on.  I also only do this with the owners consent when there seems to be an "issue" with surfing and or an unreasonable lack of productivity.

Hope that helps.

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