Aircrack and Dell Wireless 1397

I have installed aircrack windows version on my dell inspiron 1525 laptop, it has Dell Wireless 1397 card.
Aircrack is not able to detect it.
1) Is this card compatible with Aircrack.
2) If yes, what driver I need to use and / or what do i need to do to get it working.

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KechkaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your DELL wireless card is probaly based on the broadcom chip BCM4322 (BCM4311, BCM4312, BCM4321).
Take a look at this tutorial
You will be able to run aircrack for windows only if your wireless card is supported in commview drivers or wildpackets drivers.
Are you talking about aircrack for linux?
loving_chronicAuthor Commented:
no for windows
loving_chronicAuthor Commented:
i have downloaded the commview  drivers but couldnt find for wildpacket drivers for broadcom based wifi cards...
will check
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