Standalone flex application question

Hi I wish to use flex to create an application to disblay information in bar charts, graphs etc.  My program will not be on the a web page but it will be a stand alone application running on a PC.

I need my program to listen on a network for data that is being sent to it for it to display.  
Is this possible using flex?
 If not then is it possible to somehow embed my application in a C# windows application that could do the network comms for me?

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Yes it is possible.

You will need to create an AIR application in Adobe Flex 3. AIR is an desktop runtime so an AIR Application will be a desktop application. And you have the same network and communication libraries available as with a Flex application. In fact you have more features available in Flex for a desktop application than for a web application.

For specifics on network data access, see this:
Wanting2LearnManAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this reply.  
What I am trying to do is have data being sent from multiple PDA's to my standalone flex program.

So the flex app will simply
1. Listen on a socket;
2. Accept data and store in a database.
3. GUI will update and display new information that has just beed received.

I will read through the link you listed.  So what you are saying is that flex can do everything without the need for any C# or anything?

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Here's what Flex can do:

1. It can listen and broadcast to a socket/port

2. It can store it in an internal SQLite database or in MySQL databqase using the ASSQL driver (however for other databases you'll need a C# application acting as an interface)

3. It can update and render information onto the screen
Wanting2LearnManAuthor Commented:
Excellent. Thank you for all your help.  
Wanting2LearnManAuthor Commented:
Excellent answer.  Exactly what I wanted to hear.
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