Moving between servers within a WAN

Hello, I have setup 5 SBS server with the following:   server1.myorgs.local, server2.myorgs.local, etc.  One of the staff roams between server1 & server2, I have added a user profile into both server1 and server2 active directory, but when I try to remote desktop connect a message comes up saying permission denied.  This is either using IP or netbios name, any clues?
Do I need to setup trusts between the two servers, if not what are the trusts for?

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I love SBS but, I am affraid it is often purchased for the price, not because it meets the needs of the users. There are very definate limitations.
Do all sites use the same domain name? If so you want SBS at one site with server 2003 active directory integrated servers at each of the other sites. You cannot make all of these SBS servers memebrs of the same domain, nor create trusts between them. However users should be able to access resources on different servers, but not simultaeously. If they all use the same domain name it may create many different issues though.

-SBS must be the first server in the domain
-it must retain all FSMO roles
-it must be the only SBS in the domain
-there can be a maximum of 75 users in the domain
-you cannot create trusts with other servers/domains
-it only supports 2 physical processors
-it only supports 4GB of RAM
Rob WilliamsCommented:
I assume none of these are connected by a WAN or VPN? There can only be one SBS in a given network. If on different subnets you can make many features functional but if the domain names are actually the same you could have issues. Trusts are normaly the way to go between different domains with server 2003, but SBS does not support trusts.
SBS is a "special" version of server 2003 which has numerous limitations.

To address your problem, have the user try adding the NetBIOS domain name of the server to which they are connecting, to the user name such as: mydomain\username
OzwazzaAuthor Commented:
Just to fill in a bit more information, the WAN is connected via CISCO routers on different subnets, 192.168.100.x, 192.168.110.x, 192.168.120.x, etc.
The server handles DHCP, DNS, WINS for that subnet.  I have placed the central server 192.168.100.x into the WINS of every other server so it can see it.
Is this not how I should have done it?  The org is a not for profit org so they purchased SBS thinking it gives them bang for buck.
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