How to Track C# Web Service Memory leaks

Hi Everyone,

Looking for some advice regarding windows 2003 and C# memory Leaks..

Our Primary web server is host to a set of web services etc that provide the majority of functions and features to a client program people within our office use.

we are struggling with the system and random crashes and errors which seem to be releated to memory usage, if we switch the server on and boot up as normal after a day or so things start to bog down and performance is noticeably slower also the amout of free memory the server has is considerably lower than when it was first started up.

How can i check the system / web services for memory leaks etc, we have ANTS profiler and i am aware of our Dev guys using this on a majority of the system but we still have a lot of legacy code that has not been touched for a while running. we also tend to run into the System.OutOfMemoryException a lot.

i have no prior experience in tracking or finding memory errors in .NET applications and have so far drawn a blank  trying to find out if this system is consuming more and more memory.

our web server is a windows 2003 std box with 2 x 2.5 xeon processors and 2Gb of ram 260Gb hard drive space.

any help or recommendations on how i can tell if this is a memory leak and where would be appreciated.
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