Best Backup Soloution For Vmware Infrastructure Backup

Hi there,
What is the best backup soloution for VMware Infrastructure Enterprise 3.5 with Virtual Centre 2.5.
We have around 20 Virtual servers running on 4 x esx hosts
The data being backed up each night is around 1.4 TB
Need soloution that supports backup / restore for exchange  and SQL
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esalvadorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We also use Commvault in our environment, and the number and size of our vm's is similar to yours.
Initially, we tried esxpress, the free version, and worked fine, except for the speed (paid version is faster). We don't use VCB because not all of our vms are attached to the SAN, and also command line control for backup/restore is not straightforward. We decided to switch to Vizioncore's VrangerPRO, (, which is fast, easy to configure, makes full and incremental backups, can send you email alerts and it's also easy to make full restores and file level restores. However, I don't like too much the scheduling for backups, because it uses windows scheduled tasks, and you need a temporary repository for the backups before copying them to tape, using Commvault. This way, we only paid for vranger pro licensing, zero commvault licenses in the vms, and just only one file level commvault license in our temporary storage. Vranger pricing is in the average compared to other solutions. I don't know if they have plans to support vsphere 4, but didn't hear anything from other vendors either.
raj27962Connect With a Mentor Commented:
use esxpress, you can backup to ftp/sftp/lun/etc etc, pretty much anything u want, and its one of the fastest out there, where it wins out is that it can backup a copy, or backup an archived copy of the vm, also u can schedule restores etc, do incremental/full/differential backups, contact them for a demo, you get fully working for 30 days and after u can use it free if all u want to do is full backups
Sai Prasad KinneraConnect With a Mentor Support Delivery ManagerCommented:
Current best solution available for VM backup is using CA arcserve Manager which can help you achieve backups through VCB. All you need to do is get license for arcserve manager which can help you perform all the backup/restore tasks, Agent for VM ( VCB) and agents for SQl and Exchange.

Other softwares do support VMware backups however you need license for 20 Machines unlike arcserve for 1 machine, i did notice consistent sucessful backups using VMagent through arcserve.

check below document for more information on VM backups

Hope this helps

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markzzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming you already have a backup product for your physical servers.
Use VCB.
As saiprasad_kinnera: has mentioned CA's Arcserve has a backup agent for VMWare.
This leverages off VCB.
Basicly via VCB you quiesce your guest sessions disks and put it into snapshot. The now static VMDK disk files are copied to the VCB Server via the VCB backup process (via the vcbmounter.exe process). Once the VCB process is complete you initiate a backup of the VCB'ed guest session.
Of course this is a full backup of the Guest server.
To restore you would firstly restore the Guest server to somewhere on your network then use the VMimporter to import the previously VCB'ed guest session.
Of course VMWare support direct integration of many Backup products so there'e very little scripting necessary if any at all.
jsvkavConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My company backs up data on our 150 or so VMs running Windows 2003 and a few Netware 6.5 via TSM - Tivoli Storage Manager.  

We use Vmware VCB to take image backups of the VMs.  I also use Portlock storage manager to capture and restore images of our Netware 6.5 in the Vmware environment

We use Oracle TDP agent to backup our Oracle DBs

dougdogAuthor Commented:
How do you restore at file level
If using just vcb is it all scripted
Sai Prasad KinneraSupport Delivery ManagerCommented:
their are two levels of restores that can be set.

1) RAW Mode
2) File Mode

If the selection is made during backup to use VCB to use File mode backup then you can restore file level restore and vice verse

aldanchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may want to hold out until the new version of Virtual Infrastructure is released (4.0). It will have integrated backup solution that incorporates VCB. VI4 is set for a summer release. If you need backups now, then solutions listed above are sufficient. Just depends on your budget.
Mesik2ppConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To find the best backup solution it depends how to plan to backup ypur VM-s
If you use VCB then most backup softs support it.
If you want to do backup VM so that backup soft agent is installed in VM, then you should look for software which can do de-dupe on the source.
Exchange and SQL - do you have existing backup agents for these?

The backup solutions listed here deal with backuping up your VMs, but if you're looking at just backing up mailboxes and their databases (.edb/.stm and transaction logs) so that you can restore email on a granular level or restore rows and data in SQL, then consider getting agents for your existing backup solution (Symantec, CommVault, etc).
dougdogAuthor Commented:
We currently use commvault with vcb however it is extremely unreliable.
We are backing up to a tape library
Is anyone backing up 1.5 tb to tape
If all  your 1,5TB comes from VM-s then I suggest EMC Avamar. It is disk based solution with deduplication.
Sai Prasad KinneraSupport Delivery ManagerCommented:
1.5 TB VM backups are most common when you have vast environment, as all suggested with different softwares at the end of the day are you sucessfully able to backup and restore VM without any impact.

never used commvault before but would suggest to try trial version of arcserve with VMagent and give it a shot with backup and restore.

throughput of the VM backup will be better if you have VM's located on SAN Lun's with any software.

hope this helps
dougdogAuthor Commented:
wanted to give everyone points for each input
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