Motherboard Relacement or a way to Fix it

Hello Experts,

i have an HP Pavilion a1720n which the motherboard is bad,
and i need to change it with a replacement motherboard.

can anyone tell me what motherboard will go with this HP Pavilion a1720n?
Till this day i haven't checked the brain motherboard by opening the computer
and looking inside to get some more info about the computer motherboard.

So i was hopping some one already had the same problem i am having with it.
i even sent an email to geek website asking them the same question, but no luck.

this was their answer:

"Dear Sir,

I do not have a cross compatibility chart to tell you which will fit in the machine.
Then they told me to call and talk to their techs, they will have to gather some more
information from me and then they should be able to help me gather that info."

but never hear from them again, so thats why i am posting my question here today
to see if i can get some help from any of you.

one final note:

I tried to fix this computer my self, Power Supply test OK, RAM test OK, HDD test OK,
then i did not know what else to think of than the motherboard is dead.

Thanks in advance

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Not sure. But if the part was defective from the beginning, maybe. It may be worth your while to call them and give them the machine serial number. They will let you know. If not, the one for $70 will get the job done. Have you replaced a mobo before? If not, read through this.
Or there are numerous help items on google to help you through it.
The mobo is: ASUS P5LP-LE

One can be found here:

Not enough information to help you otherwise with the problem.
at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

Hi Junglegun,

"Not enough information to help you otherwise with the problem."

Not a problem Junglegun, the good thing is that you find me the right-one.
Only one last question... do you defenely thing this is the right one i need?
Because the thing is that i will use the same cpu, hdd, ram, power supply, etc.

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at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

Oh i see there is a review on this motherboard:

Cons: Bad BIOS

Motherboard has Bad BIOS checksum error.
All attempts to clear through written instructions were unsuccessfull.
Seller has no idea about the operation of motherboard and claims it came from HP which seller cannot back.

at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

Hey Junglegun, is there a way to find out by looking at the main motherboard
what kind of motherboard i have in this computer? ...and if there is, can you-
please tell me where or how to do this?


Most mobo's have an identifier on them somewhere. On a computer of your model it will be written close to the RAM slots. Most of the time it will be the Mobo maufacturer and the model #.

The link I gave was simply to show that the part is available. Most computer parts stores should be able to get the mobo for you. You can even order it from the HP website. Just enter your computers model number on the parts page.
at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

You may think that i am lying, but i did that already in the HP website,
and all i get as the result is this:
"The result show 0 of your search, please try another search."
The last one may be your best bet. HP looks like it requires you to send in the old one. Of course, if HP will replace it free, that may be the best deal. Sounds like a hassle though.
at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

even if the pc is not under the warranty anymore?
at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

Thanks Junglegun
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