network printer unable to initialize

In my network I have all xp sp3 machines.
On one machine I have Fujitsu dl3600 printer.
I have shared the printer.
everyone can print to this printer from windows applications, but nobody (except computer, on which printer is connected) can print from dos applications.

I have then tried to print from command prompt, using command:
print /D:\\computer\printer c:\test.bat

but I got the "network printer unable to initialize"  error
I have also tried the net use command like this:
net use LPT1 \\computer\printer
this command went successfully, but when I try to print to LPT1,
I get error: unable to initialize device PRN.

A little more info:
Computer is fujitsu-siemens p2510, it doesn't have LPT port (I installed PCI card).
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mamocnikAuthor Commented:
I found a solution.
It seems that it has somethitng to do with FormFeed.
It looks that if you print from command promt to a network printer, than you are using printer's drivers.
So, to work, you have to do it like this:

1. Share the printer on computer1
2. On printer properties (under ADVANCED tab), make sure that:
  a) "print directly to printer"  option IS NOT enabled!
  b) Under "Print Processor...", you MUST select WINPRINT (left window) and RAW[FF AUTO].
3. On computer that will be using this printer, you than simply link any free lpt port to this network printer, like this:

That's it. Now you just use the lpt(x) to print from dos, perhaps like this:
PRINT /D:LPT(X) C:\sometextfile.txt
dir *.exe >LPT(x)

VERY helpful in my solution was this link(from bhaskarvasudevan):
Thanks, hathehariken.
mamocnikAuthor Commented:
I forgot (if it means anything) to say that this computer was brought from another company, where it had different IP and different workgroup (not domain).
When I brought it to current location, I fixed Ip addres and workgroup to match other computers.

I also tried the program (from windows tools kit) to delete all printers, all ports. Nothing helped.

I am stumped at this. Has anyone seen this yet?
Thx Matjaz
i dont think it is possible to print to a network printer from DOS.

what drivers are you using?
if using PCL, try to map a local printer using the PS driver set.

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mamocnikAuthor Commented:
Printing from MS-DOS based programs is possible, according to:

And I know for a fact that it works, because I used it before.

Besides, doesn't MS-DOS based programs print directly to local port, regardless of driver? If that is correct, than I just have to redirect LPT-->network printer (via net use command).

mamocnikAuthor Commented:
And I am not printing from DOS, but from winXP command prompt.
Just to clarify.

Thanks for response
theoritically it should be possible, but i am out of my depths.
may be other, more experienced experts will be able to help you out.

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