What is the best 3rd party terminal server product?

I have SBS 2003 which is restricted to 2 Admin connection via terminal services. What 3rd party application can you suggest as I need to run some PC's over a VPN link?
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You are right that SBS only allows administrative access via TS.

I thought you said you wanted to run a few PCs over VPN link?

Are you trying to access PCs on the server network from remote via RDP or are you trying to access the server directly with multiple users simultaneously?

RRAS is a software VPN built into SBS that allows access to email, file shares and printers on the office network.

You can also use RWW to access PCs on the office network.

Keep me posted on your plans and I will try to help some more.

SBS has RRAS built in and it works pretty well as far as software VPNs are concerned  Otherwise RealVNC is good too.
i2oAuthor Commented:
Is not there a limitation on the SBS remote access to only 2 admin connections. ie you basically cannot use TS with SBS?
i2oAuthor Commented:
Sorry 'few' is misleading.

The scenario is:
SBS Server 2003
VPN link to Remote site
7 Pc's + printers on Remote site
Users to connect to Server using RDP
Bus Application to be run on Server via RDP as very bandwidth hungry if done via mapping.
Also requires hard installed printers on Server (will not see network printers)

Currently testing a package called Elusiva,
Have downloaded and will look at RealVNC.
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