Why am I getting a can't load library error when opening word 2002?

Using word 2002 and 2003 I get the error can't load library when I first start word.
Can't load library

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This could be a problem with your Normal.dot template. You could try renaming the template, this way next time you start Word it will re-create it. Rename the current file, NormalOLD.dot for example.

The normal template is usually located in:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

If that doesn't solve it there is a MS Word startup folder that contains libraries and templates etc. Usually found at: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup

If you move all of the items in here to another folder and try and open word again. if word opens without errors, move the items here back one at a time untill the error occours again. this will be the offending item.
CAEUSAAuthor Commented:
Does not solve the problem
Here are the problems I'm receiving all together. If you see a solution please help

Details: Word - error loading library on each start. Excel - Unable to find addins program.xls, microsfot.xls, office.xls on startup. Outlook - Viewmail no longer working. Keeps looking for Viewmail.msi 4.2(1) on start. Project - Looks for install.msi on z drive on each start.
CAEUSAAuthor Commented:
I've also reinstalled Office
That would have been my next suggestion, a re-install.

As for Viewmail.msi 4.2(1), this is a program by CISCO. I'm not sure entirley what it does but there is a web page on it at:


For the Excel issues, check out:


Sorry I cannot be of more help, If you have completley removed and then re-installed office and the problems persist, this may indicate a wider issue.

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