SBS 2003- Need to change location of my documents

I have installed a new SBS 2003 server into a network that already had a SBS 2003 server. All is OK except for the fact that "My documents"  on client pc's points to the old server
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If you don't have a current redirection policy on the new server you can manually redirect the folders by just going to the folder on the local machine and changing the location under properties.

What about doing the redirection through the server Management console?
Go to start, server management console and select users, then on the left side of the list of users select configure My Documents Redirection.

You have tried this also?

Group Policy is the only way to go if you have a bunch of users to redirect but be careful where you redirect the documents too making sure that you have enough storage space.

Good Luck!
PCWalshAuthor Commented:
I have tried using folder re-direction but that did n't work. I did run gpupdate /force on the client PC.
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