How to prevent Coldfusion 6 CFMAIL from being blocked from Hotmail, Yahoo, etc

Basically the issue is that we cannot send domain using CFMAIL to any emails other than the domain we are sending it from. For example, if our domain is, we can send emails using CFMAIL fine to and but not to and It just doesn't get sent.

I've been reviewing information such as, but to no avail. We do have SpamAssassin enabled, would that be blocking outgoing mail?

In the code sample, the cfscript and the cfmailparam were added as of recent after doing some research, it did not work before either.
sysObj = CreateObject("java", "java.lang.System");
sysObj.setProperty("", "");
<cfmail to="Joe Schmoe <>" from="Bill Bob <>"  subject="This is a test email">
<cfmailparam name="Reply-To" value="">
this is a test email

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if you can't send mail using cfmail to ANY other domain, not just or, but ANY domain other your domain, then the problem is in your mail server config - it is probably configured NOT to relay messages. talk to your mail sysadmin about it or check docs for your mail server on how to enable relaying.

another thing to check is: some mail servers require full authentication before you can relay messages through it. in this case you should specify valid SERVER, USERNAME and PASSWORD attributes in your <cfmail> tags.

other than that, all i can say is that it IS a problem most of the time to send emails to Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, as well as AOL (now that's THE PITA!). i have pretty much resorted to showing all users registering on my sites a warning like "If you are signing up with a Hotmail or Yahoo email address to sign up - we can't guarantee you will receive a confirmation email from us due to overly strict spam prevention policies on those webmail services. You can try adding our email address to your address book and/or whitelist, but even then we can't guarantee you will always receive our email communications. If you have access to another email account, you are probably better off using that one to sign up...".  

Yahoo is the second biggest PITA after AOL... You just never know when their system might decide to NOT allow an email sent by cfmail through... And it's useless to contact them about it - I have tried for a long time to get ANY info out of Yahoo about what can be done to guarantee mail delivery to accounts, but all they say is "make sure your email conforms to email standards"...

Making sure the address cfmail is sent FROM in account's address book seems to help more than anything else...

427Author Commented:
The username/password did the trick. A 7 month issue solved!
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