VB.NET platform game tutorials?

Im currently doing a project at college which involves making a game in visual basic.
I have chosen to do a simple platformer similar to Mario consisting of about 3 levels.
Does anyone know of the best sites to tech me how to make this sort of thing in the simplest way in about 8 weeks?
I already have basic VB experience and have made simple things such as a calculator, quiz, date comparison etc but nothing this advanced as of yet. Things I will need to know will likely be some form of collision detection and point system but any help will be appreciated in the form of useful links or any other advice you may have. Thanks very much.
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Tek-GeckoAuthor Commented:
Thats great exactly the sort of thing I was looking for with example of code.
Any other links from anyone would also be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
Tek-GeckoAuthor Commented:
Great links will be of great use.
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