Application for renaming multiple files at once

I'm looking for an application that can name a collection files in a sereis like e.g.: seriesname1.jpg, seriesname2.jpg, seriesname3.jpg, etc. What is recommendable?
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File renamers

A.F.5 Rename your files 1.1 - see download and review at

Rename It 3.05 - see download and review at

Rename - see download and review at

Also media and music tag renamers:

TagScanner 5.0.530 - for your music and media file tag renaming with batch functions - see download and review at

Mp3tag 2.43 (another free tag renamer) - see download and review at

All the programs listed above say they rename collections (batches or multiple files at once).
Most seem to be free.
You have a batch here:

It's works with Unix Utils (open source), you can download at

File Renamer Basic 5.6.2

Here's one that I have, but have not used in a while, but just tried to do the file renameing incrementing that you require.  I just tried it on my earlier version.  It does it very well.

See the screen picture below and near the bottom of the screen picture notice "Unique Parameter" that you can add to the end of the file name.  Notice that you can increment each renamed file with a sequential number.  You can click on the picture to download and enlarge it.

You can read the review and download at:

Sorry.  The screen picture I mentioned above is attached below.

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