How to backup sharing permission on a windows NTFS share

We would like to know if there is any other way to backup the sharing permissions on a NTFS windows share (folder) besides manually backing up via the registry.

We are looking for a tool that gives us the capability to schedule backups for individual shares and its permissions and later on if needed restore them.

Both commercial and non-comercial tools will work.

Thank you.  
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Sai Prasad KinneraConnect With a Mentor Support Delivery ManagerCommented:
i have answered your next question which talks about restoring shares through arcserve

hope this helps
Robocopy ...
all the details you might need are here.. 
robocopy only copies files including permissions, it doesn't really backup permissions (unless you're recreating the complete folder tree, which can, even with the /create option, easily occupy several GB of space in and fragmentation of the MFT for a large folder).
Below's a link to a complete script to backup and restore NTFS permissions. You might want to add a "/display=sddl" to the backup commands, to keep name resolution down (which isn't really necessary for a backup/restore solution). You could easily adapt the script to backup shares as well (using /share instead of /subdirectories), but then again: why use share permissions? Share permissions are a leftover from file systems without access control; there is absolutely no security gain in using both share and NTFS permissions. Give Everyone full access on share level, and control access only through NTFS.
JSI Tip 9945. How can a script backup or restore NTFS permissions?

How NTFS reserves space for its Master File Table (MFT)
llaravaAuthor Commented:
Your are right Robocopy is not an option since it won't be able to bring only the Sharing permissions. This is a simple scenario, the backup tool we have (ArcServe) is not able to backup the Sharing permissions but NTFS permissions are being backed up with no issues.

If we restore the shares (folders) via a regular backup restoration the Sharing permissions are not brough back to the share. So at this point we need a tool that is capable of pushing the Sharing permissions (from a previous backup) to the restored shares (we had a tool before but the vendor has move to a different strategy on this).  
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