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MS CRM 4.0 customisation. Add an additional notes tab for attachments.

Dear help,

We have recently customised our CRM system however we have a final tweak Im struggling to create. We would like to add an additional attachments tab to a couple entities, i.e. next to the Notes section we would like another Tab for attaching PDFs etc. The two entities concerned are the Accounts and Leads. Im afraid we do not have any programming experience, so if code is required please advise. Any help is really appreciated.

Kind regards,

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I'm not sure if you're aware of this - but both notes and attachments can be put into the Notes tab.  To add an attachment, you just click the paperclip icon in the button bar on the form (you have to save the record first before this will work).
Will that solve your problem, or are your users requesting a separate view of Notes on one tab and Attachments on another?  There's not a simple way to do this, but if you need to do this, what I would suggest is setting it up so that the Attachments area actually just shows documents on a shared drive (assuming your users only need to access the files when they're online).  This lets you edit the documents in place (without having to copy to hard drive, save, edit, then re-load to CRM) and gives you Windows Explorer drag/drop functions.  It's a little bit tricky to setup, but it can work nicely.
Here's more information on the idea of creating a drag/drop document library: http://www.askcrm.com/Home/tabid/866/EntryID/88/Default.aspx
Let me know if that helps you.
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Performance_ImprovementsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your prompt response. Sure I should have explained, yes it's a second independent area we require for attaching files. The solution you propose using a document library, are the files stored within CRM like the notes section or is this a link to the documents. Having looked at the link it seems quite a different setup to the original notes tab, is there nothing we can do to duplicate the notes functionality?

Thanks and kind regards,

You can likely duplicate the notes functionality.  However, there will be some shortcomings (your notes and attachments will all be displayed in both tabs) unless you do some serious customization.
You are correct that our file browser stores the files on the file share (not in CRM).

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