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Ok here is the problem..  I have two servers that use to be backing up no I get the backup jobs fail. After migration to a new domain. I am using backup exec 9.1  Both servers are on the same domain.  I am not sure if the backup account on both servers was just a local user account or  a domain user account. It was all setup prior to me taking this job some time ago.  Below is the error I get.  I made sure the remote backup exec agent was running on both servers and it is. The new user accout I have it using is a network domain account for backup exec.  I added that account so it has local admin rights to both servers.  Every thing I have tired to get it to work dose not seam to work jobs still fail.  

Check status: Error: a000846b, The job failed with the following error:
Device could not be backed up because an error occurred while connecting to the Remote Agent for Windows Servers.
Make sure that the Remote Agent for Windows Servers is running on the target computer.
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dsexton18Author Commented:
Try creating a new selection list, then edit your backup job to use that list.
When you changed BE to use the new account, did you change the account on the services, or within BE itself (or both)?  You should probably check both places to verify the correct user account:

In BE - Network -> Logon Accounts, verify the account is set up here. Then go to the properties of your selection list, click on Resource Credentials, and verify the correct account is being used (it will say System Logon Account if it's using the default account as defined in Logon Accounts).

In Windows - right-click My Computer -> Manage, click the "plus" (+) beside "Services and Applications" to expand, click "Services", then look down the list and find all the Backup Exec services.  Check the "Log On As" column to see what account they are using; if it's not right, double-click on each service to get into its properties, click on the "Log On" tab, and enter the appropriate credentials.

Hope this helps!
Erg.  You posted while I was still composing.

At least it looks like we're on the same page, so to speak.

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