Restarting clustered Exchange service

Hi All,

We are running an Exchange 2003 SP2 Active/Active/Passive Windows 2003 cluster.

I need to apply a patch to Exchange that will need to Exchange Routing Service restarted...however, this is a resource in the cluster.

Should I

i) Install the patch and then restart the service using Computer Management > Services on the local machine
ii) Install the patch and then restart the service using Cluster Administration on the local machine
iii) Install the path and restart the services using Computer Management > Services *on the passive node only*. So I will have to fail over the cluster a number of times to ensure that each node is patched

Any help appreciated!
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abhaighConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd be thinking option iii - that way you will know for certain that the entire cluster has been patched properly
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