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Moving Raid Drive to a spare Dell 2850 after backplane failed

I have a Dell Power Edge 2850 and after a power surge i recieved an error E07F0 PROC 1 IERR and after test found the backplane had gone bad. I try reseating all the drives and clearing the CMOS with no luck, so I want to move the drives over to a spare Dell 2850 that I have, but when I do, I don't know how to get it to read and boot to those drive. I've never done this before or even seen it so I need a little hand holding on this one.
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Pull Drive 0 on box 0 and move it to box 1 (the spare) insert it into drive 0 slot.
Pull Drive 1 on box 0 and move it to box 1 (the spare) insert it into drive 1 slot.
... Etc.

Then boot the backup box and you will be alive (assuming the boxes are identical)

jamesstzAuthor Commented:
I did that but it didn't boot up and the drives don't show up as online in the BIOS config untility they just say ready.
I would call dell on this, they are very good at helping in this situation.
If you are using a RAID configuration then your backup server's RAID will see the new disks as a "foreign" array(s) and therefore not load it/them by default.

You need to access the RAID configuration utility and import the array(s), after which you should be able to boot up on it/them.

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