Outlook 2007 crashes when highlighting message

I have an end user who is running MS Office 2007 Outlook setup in Cached exchange mode.  About once a week he gets a message that when he selects it Outlook gives an error and then reopens and will continue to crash on that file until removed via OWA.  Within OWA you can read the message and delete/move or do any other normal operation.  

What I have tried
I have ran the Office installer to detect and repair
Recreated the Outlook profile
Tried with and without cached exchange mode setup
removed the OST file and had it recreate.
cleared the TEMP directory under the user profile.
     After I did this whenever I highlighted the message two files were generated.  (Preview window is not on).  The files were 345375312.cvr and 345375343.od

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Does the problem follow the user to another machine?

kappagamma698Author Commented:
well getting another system set has allowed the end user to get back to these messages and will work as a work around since I can just swap the system with another and the end user is back running normally.  Thank you for the suggestion
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