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NT Registry Locations to 2003 Registry Locations

Im looking for a Windows registry guru.  Or a NT registry to 2003 registry dictionary.

Heres the deal:

I have a custom application that uses print queues hosted on an NT server.  I want to remove the NT server from the network (and throw it in a lake).

This custom application will not recognize (network) printers unless the printers have been manually added to three areas of the NT servers registry.

The problem:

Im having a hard time finding similar registry items in 2003 that are present in the registry of NT.  Im wondering if the same or similar registry items may be present in 2003 in a different location or if this is a lost cause due to the registry architecture change from NT to 2003.


In the NT registry path below, I need to add sub keys to \Connections that link the printers name to the printers network path.


Now when I look at the registry of a 2003 server, I only see similar keys with different info.

And I do not see Printers\Connections anywhere in the 2003 registry.

Would this mean that Printers\Connections would be somewhere else or could I get away with manually adding the \Connections key and then add the rest of the sub keys as well?  Or is this one of the deals were you dont know until you try?  

1 Solution
fraunkdAuthor Commented:
i figured out what i needed using info from the site below - very helpful as a registry guide.


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