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Multiple Static IP's to one server IP

I want to take 5 static Ip's we own through our isp and route them through our router to our network server sbs2008 for individual programs ftp server, email, whatever else i want to host.  I understand the basics but im not sure how to take the Static Ip's and route them to the specific program on the server. How do i get the Ip's from the router to our server and to the correct program. Im using a Motorola Netopia 3347 modem. It supports up to 10  static IP's.  So more or less i want my ftp server to have an IP of one our static ip's . Then i want our email on Now my network server which will call is sitting here receiving these request from the these static ip's but how do i point a specific IP to a program? because on the router side both static ip's are just simply pointing to the server After looking at the modem i understand how to port forward if im using one static ip but not multiple because u can not specify port forwarding from a IP address. Thank you.
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If you can't specify a the IP address from in the interface, then I would say that that modem can't do it. Had a quick look and it looks like it's just a basic ADSL router.
Why do you want to assign the different IP's? Does it matter from your and the routers perspective about where the traffic is coming from, as long as it's a request for say FTP (port 21) - where is it going to be routed to - to the server port of 21. Because you only have one device (Router) it's the destination that the key.
The reason you would need the multiple address is if you have say 2 FTP servers internally that you need to access externally(Both on port 21), then you would need to have 2 external IP Address's and a proper router like a cisco etc.. device.

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