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Does sql server 2005 replication slow down my initial transaction before it gets sent to the distributor?

I have transactional replication set up between a data center in Mesa, Arizona and a data center in Utah. Mesa acts as the Publisher and Distributor with Utah as the Subscriber.

The initial transaction comes into the database then gets sent to the distributor because it is marked for replication. Does this initial transaction get delayed at all? I am ok with an 8 second delay between Distibutor to Subsciber but an concerned that my initial transaction might be slowed down. I have an SLA of .3 seconds.
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If it's one way replication, you should really consider async Mirroring.
This is not 100% transactional put keeping a transaction open over a slow WAN is asking for troubles.

But I tend to see a better performance with Mirroring then with replication.
It's also less fragile and easier to setup & maintain.
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