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ActiveSync error code 0X86000108


We are running a basic front-end Exchange 2003 on server 2003 with a back end Exchange 2003 on server 2003. We have roughly 25 Treo 700xw's (mobile 5) and a few HTC Touch Pro's (mobile 6). 3 users have just started experiencing the ActiveSync error code of 0X86000108. Doesn't matter if they are on the Treo or HTC as both will fail for that particular user.

Things that I've already tried, (NOT in chronological order)
-Soft reset of the device, doesn't help.
-Delete Exchange server out of ActiveSync and re-add, works great for about a day.
-Rebooted Exchange server, no help.
-Write permissions changed to the %Temp% folder on the mailbox server, no help.
-Tried syncing without selecting calendar, doesn't help.
-Tried syncing without selecting tasks, doesn't help.
-Tried syncing without selecting contacts, doesn't help.
-Tried syncing without selecting email, works great.

So with that I've come to the assumed conclusion that it's email causing the issue. I've taken one user and moved all items to a .PST. This worked for about a week, now the issue is back.

Could this possibly be corrupt items that were in the inbox that have come back or new corrupt items that arrived? If so how would I go about finding what items are corrupt?

I'm willing to try anything here.

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in my case
· Active Sync was working for New users but not for Existing users.
· Collected LDP dumps for both users ( Working and non working user)
· Compared & found the difference as:
· Test User is part of different mailbox Store & non working user is part of
another. Also non working user is member of multiple groups.
· Moved non working user mailbox to working users mailbox store.
· Compared the SMTP Address of non-working user. The Left Hand Side(LHS) and Right
Hand Side(RHS) of the users primary SMTP address are
both different from the SMTP address based on the default recipient policy.
· Removed additional SMTP address & made the default SMTP address as in
default recipient address.
· Active Sync started working after making users primary SMTP address same
based on default recipient policy
WesterraCUAuthor Commented:
All users are on the same mailbox store. We just went through an AD migration from 2000 to 2008 in doing so a new Exchange environment was built and all users now have the default recipient policy generated SMTP address.

So in a really all users at this point are new on the new domain.

Thanks so much for your comment.
there is a hotfix available for this issue
http://support.microsoft.com//kb/937788 please check this
get the hotfix from microsoft tech support.
WesterraCUAuthor Commented:
Finally got this change approved and will be applying the hotfix tonight. I will test for a few days and will report back with my findings.

Thanks much,
WesterraCUAuthor Commented:
This continues to be an intermittent issue for a few users however was resolved by this hotfix for a few others.
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