Fujistsu fi5120c on Windows 7

I have an fujitsu fi-5120c scanner with VRS 4.1 Basic wich works perfectly for me on xp and vista all versions. Now i want to make it work under windows 7. The scanner installs fine, no errors and is listed as fi-5120Cdj (have no idea what the dj stands for..) in the device manager. VRS also installs without problem. The problem is that VRS cant detect the scanner. So i can use the scanner in a windows driver but can not benefit gfrom vrs.
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tenaj-207Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Turn off UAC.
1. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Account
2. Click on Change User Account Control settings
3. Move the bar to the lowest point, to Never Notify

Then see if VRS can detect the scanner.

If not try turning off the firewall.
1. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Windows Firewall
2. Click on Change settings
3. Switch option to Off

Then see if VRS can detect the scanner.

If not then disable any anti-virus you have installed.

Amila HendahewaLead ConsultantCommented:
interesting, several possibilities;
1. windows  7 has not yet officially released. So most probabbly kofax may release a patch once this is done. See the configuration page below
  2. try upgrading in to VRS 4.2 or use the service pack 2.
let me know the results !
Another note, Windows 7 RC came out today.  Maybe it would work better with the latest version or the OS.
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