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HTML Progress Bar Percent

I want to do a progress bar using HTML. I have two images, like an old thermometer--one empty and one full. These are overlapped, and the full one grows from 0 to 100% as the procedure advances, filling up the tube. They are oriented horizontally. The hard part: I also want to show the percent complete in the center, on top of the images.
1 Solution
You might need to manipulate your timers. Failing which, use a Javascript.
DanOBrien57Author Commented:
I resolved it myself. I use two TDs in a TABLE, each with a different background image and changing their relative widths as time progresses. The overlaid percent is done using a layered DIV with absolute positioning setting the z-order above the TDs. I've included a code snippet.
#PctLayer {POSITION:absolute; VISIBILITY:visible; TOP:0px; left:0px; 
            width:250px; height:48px; Z-INDEX:2} 
<table width="100%" style="height:16px;" cellpadding="0px" cellspacing="0px">
    <td style="width:25%;"></td>
    <td align="center" style="width:15%; background-image:url('progress_lit.jpg');"></td>
    <td align="center" style="width:35%; background-image:url('progress_back.jpg');"></td>
    <td style="width:25%;"></td>
<div id="PctLayer" style="top:130px; left:600px; color:#333333; font-size:small; font-family:Arial;">30%</div>

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