Human 3D Model (.x Format) for DirectX

Hey everyone

Can anybody provide me with a link that has free human models in .x format for DirectX?  I have tried many resources only but they all seem to be in different formats.

Doesn't have to have animation etc, just a static .x file as I have the code to load them at the minute but can't really get animation files working
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You probably won't find any files directly in .X file format.

You'll need to convert from either Maya or 3DS to .X.

There are lots of tools available on the net that can help.

In the full DirectX SDK, there was a tool called "conv3ds.exe" that used to work most of the time.  You say you don't want the animation, just the mesh, so this might work for you.  

here's a helpful but dated URL...

Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:
DirectX SDK has a number of samples with some few "human" figures in X format.
DX9, for example, has a walking woman (in the sample codes of Animation and SkinnedMesh). If you need something quickly, this can be useful. There is also a Samurai (ShadowVolume and EnhancedMesh). Also a great bat (LocalDeformablePRT). As far I remember, DX10 has these models too.
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