Terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections

SBS 2003 with ISA installed.  Terminal services is in remote administration mode.  I can have a combination of only 2 administrator console OR non-console sessions, but not the usual 2 regular + 1 console.  Any combination only allows a maximum of 2 concurrent RDP connections.  There are no dangling log-ins.  Why can I not use all 3 concurrently?
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When logging into the console session remotely you will need to use mstsc /console or mstsc /admin (depending on your version of the RDP client) to logon to session 0.

The other two clients will login normally using mstsc (no switches)
Drop this into start run or a dekstop shortcut to access the console session from XP or Vista

C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe /v:servername /admin /CONSOLE

where servername is obviously the name of your server.

RadRichieAuthor Commented:
Apparently the /Admin switch is now required as of XP SP3, and in this case, a MAC, to use the 3rd session.  
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