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MS CRM 4.0, contacts auto populate not working.

Posted on 2009-04-20
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-24
Previously when we selected an Account > Contact from the details area followed by New Contact the address would populate, however since making many changes within CRM we have lost this functionality, can you please us to try getting this working again.

Many thanks,


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Accepted Solution

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Hi Craig,
Glad to help.  
If I understand your issue correctly, you are going to an account, clicking the list of contacts, adding a contact - but information from the account (such as phone number, account name, address, etc) is not pre-filling on the contact form as it did when you first installed the application.  If that is correct, then here are some possibilities to check on:
(1) Make sure that the Account you are testing this out on actually has an address associated with it.  If not, then it should be as easy as populating the address on the account.
(2) Data is copied from a parent entity to a child through a process called Mapping.  If it's not working for you anymore, then someone likely deleted the default mappings.  To re-create mappings, using the web version of CRM:
(i) Go to Settings > Customize > Customize Entities
(ii) Double click the Account entity
(iii) Double click on 1:N Relationships (1 Account : N (many) Contacts)
(iv) Sort by Related Entity, then scroll down to Contact (not to be confused with ContRact)
(v) You will actually see TWO copies of the contact entity in this list.  Choose the one that has System for Type of Behavior (I think you can actually edit either - but choose the System one anyone, it will make me feel better).
(vi) On the left side, choose the Mappings option.
(vii) Any existing mappings will be visible.  If nothing is in the list, then they've all been deleted.  If you see the ones in the list that you expect are missing, then you've got another problem (go to #3 below).
(viii) Click the New button to add a new mapping (you could generate More Actions > Generate Mappings to let CRM try to generate them for you - but this will overwrite any mappings that are already working).  
(ix) Okay ... I'm not good with my roman numerals, so I'm not sure if my numbering scheme is valid any longer.  But stick with me a little longer.
(x) For each item, choose the source and target attribute.  You can only map items with the same data type (which shouldn't be a problem for the existing attributes that had been mapped previously)
(xi) Once done, Save/Close until you're back to the list of entities and then publish the account entity.  
(xii) Test the mappings
(xiii) If you lost these mappings, then you may have also lost mappings from Lead->Account, Lead-> Contact, Lead-> Opportunity, Account-> Opportunity, Contact -> Opportunity ... so you may want to check on those as well.
(3) If you've jumped to this point because it looks like your mappings are all there, but they're still not working, then something else is at work here.  Let me know and I'll think it over some more and provide suggestions.

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Author Comment

ID: 24193059
Thank you for your help. Regenerating the mapping fixed the populating problem. All working great now.



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