Connecting via RDP crashes and restarts my PC

I've been observing a frustrating problem on some of my PCs recently. They are all running Windows XP, and I typically connect to them using RDP as they are not all plugged in to monitors.

If I disconnect my running RDP session and then try to reconnect from a different PC, it more often than not crashes the remote machine with a blue screen and reboots. The error codes I get in the crash report are:
BCCode : 1000008e     BCP1 : C0000005     BCP2 : BF85B68E     BCP3 : F7516A6C  BCP4 : 00000000

This seems to indicate a hardware driver issue, even though my graphics card drivers (which is where I think the problem would be) are WHQL certified. I've also observed the problem on a couple of VMs (also running Windows XP) and another box I connect to remotely on occasion.

The only common factor (I think) that could be somehow causing this is that my "main" PC is running Windows XP x64. I've noticed that the crashes consistently happen if I've connected from a 32-bit environment first (e.g. from my laptop, running Windows 7 beta, or another Windows XP 32-bit PC) and then connect from my 64-bit workstation. Connecting from the 64-bit PC first and then from a 32-bit PC doesn't cause the crashes (RDP correctly disconnects my session and connects the other PC to it).

Also, I've confirmed the problem rarely happens when I connect from another 32-bit PC to any of the affected systems (i.e. switch the RDP connection between one XP 32-bit guest and another).

One way I found I can avoid the crash (at least with my VMs where I have access to the "console" through VMware manager) is to logon to the console first, and only then connect from my 64-bit PC using RDP. This seems to workaround the problem, but I don't always remember to do so, and for one of my PCs it's not an option as I don't have a monitor or keyboard attached to it!

I've found a couple of related posts, but everyone seems to say "update your hardware drivers", something which I've already done!

Thanks for your time!

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dj_relentlessConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you know which version of rdp client you are using on this machine?
Is the video card nvidia?
You could try a driver update for the video card, updating to a newer version of the rdp client to see if that helps.
Check if KB958690 is installed and remove it.
Post the minidump
ardmAuthor Commented:
Attached as requested. I renamed the .dmp file to .dmp.log as EE wouldn't allow the upload otherwise.
ardmAuthor Commented:
FYI, I'm using latest x64 version of RDP client (from Windows Updates) - not sure what version number it was.

I am using an NVidia card (FX4500), but also a Matrox (QID LP), both of these had the latest WHQL drivers installed.

Uninstalling KB958690 did the trick for me though, thanks!
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