Accessing the same Exchange mailbox with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 from different computers.

I need to be able to access the same Exchange mailbox (hosted on Exchange 2003) on separate PCs - some running XP with Outlook 2003, others Vista 32sp1 with Outlook 2007 - and potentially a Mac with OSX 10.5.6 running Entourage 08.

Is there a view on whether this can/can't be done? Any known issues / gotchas to be aware of? I'm thinking specifically here about the way flags and colour coding of categories and messages are handled differently between the two Outlook versions..

The different Outlook clients are likely to have the mailbox open simultaneously.
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jamieghAuthor Commented:
If automatic colour formatting is important to you, then stick to s single Exchange client - ideally Outlook 2007. My experience of using three clients simultanteously, is that colour formatting applied in one client is NOT interpreted in the same way by others.

Outlook 2007 applies colour formatting rules on a diffrent basis to Outlook 2003, so while it is perfectly OK to create, modify, delete data in either client with no problem, if you rely on colour formatting, you will be disappointed with the outcome....
The accessing of a mailbox has nothing do with the what email client you are using as the content on server is the same.
I have been personally using all of these without any issues.
jamieghAuthor Commented:
Have now accessed the mailbox using Outlook 2007 and my original fears have been realised. All colour codings for calendar events, when viewed from an Outlook 2003 workstation, have now been lost. The appointments are visible - but the colours coding applied by automatic formatting is missing.

So, sorry numero_uno, but your advice appears to be incorrect. My original question still stands. Is it possible to use Outlook 2003 & 2007 on the same mailbox? specifically with regard to maintaining integrity of colour coding and automatic formatting.

Anyone else have any comment?
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