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Dividing a single large PDF into multiple pages

Hello All!

I am just curious if there is a way, using Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard or Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional, to take a single large format PDF (like 11" x 94") and to split that PDF into pages (like 8.5" x 11" pages).

We have huge Well Log files, and having to format each printout with custom dimensions is getting to be a pain. It would be much easier to simply use a single process for every PDF.
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Adobe Standard ver 9 has a split command in the Document menu on the tool bar.  You can split by page(s).
WoodraxAuthor Commented:
Please note this portion of the question:

if there is a way, using Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard or Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional

I don't think A9's 'Split' command would work if your document is at 94"x11" as a single page, as it splits to same size and simply will report that you have already got a single page doc...

But back to your problem:

I am not sure whether you can do this without trickery. It is possible to tile pages on printout, and as you can print to the Adobe PDF port you can create a new PDF with the 'Tile all pages' option from the 'Page scaling' dropdown and adjust your Print setup so it prints Letter size. You can then see the output size on your preview section. Once you printed the new PDF you will have these page tiles as separate pages.

However there are downsides as you cannot  really control this 'tiling' as it is just a print dialog and every adjustment in this affects all pages, and so called 'refrying' is removing some of the PDF features that you may have (destinations etc.)

You will have to play with the settings until you have the best ratio for your printer but if it is just a large piece of artwork without special PDF features it may just work.

Just a hunch
WoodraxAuthor Commented:
Thanks captain. We have been changing the pages into JPG files and using Irfanview to properly proportion the images to print correctly. It is a tedious process, but I think it is the only solution we can offer.
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