How to specify font size in format expression SSRS 2005

I have an expression like this:

=Fields!Customer_Name.Value + format(Fields!Customer_ID.Value, "8")

where 8 is my attempt to format the ID in font size 8.  Basically I want the customer name in one font size (10 and bolded preferably), and the ID in another size (8 and not bolded).  What is the technique/syntax to accomplish this?

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Salim FayadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For one textbox, there is only one font. The Expression allows you to manage this one value programaticaly based on some calculations. So, I am afraid that you cannot do that in Reporting Services
Salim FayadCommented:
You cannot do that in one textbox, you have to seperate them into 2 textboxes and each one you give it its own font.
BostonMAAuthor Commented:

Then what is the technique to acheive this:

[Customer Name] - [Customer Id]
Mike Smith - 79438
George Bresh - 24671

where [Customer Name] is in font 10 and the ID is in a smaller font.
Notice if I just put the two fields next to each other it wont work in the above example it would look like:

Mike Smith      - 79438
George Bresh - 24671

which i dont want.
Salim FayadCommented:
There is 2 properties for the textbox that you can put them for the [Customer Name] to do what you want, put them as true:
  1. CanGrow
  2. CanShrink
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