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Hello, I need help to modify some data inside a table.

I have text in a lot of rows in that format: 1234567890

I need to insert inside each field dots.   I need it to be:   1234.56.78.90

I have some alrady in my table as that format (with dots) wich is fine and I do not need to change them.

for the rest.. i need a modification.  How could I do that inside a SQL query ? any idea?
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Well in an update you could do.
I would recommend verifying the substring reformatting looks correct before applying with an update.  The where claus will exclude those already formatted as desired.

Update table
   set field = substring(field,1,4) + '.' + substring(field,5,2) + '.' + substring(field,7,2) + '.' + substring(field,9,2)
where NOT(field like '%.%')

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select case when charindex('.',field) > 0 then field else substring(field,1,4) + '.' + substring(field,5,2) + '.' + substring(field,7,2) + '.' + substring(field,9,2) end as formatted_text from table
PhilippeRenaudAuthor Commented:
I need to do in update of the table so I guess i just add:

update table set field as

(then your code) ?
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