I need msflxgrd.ocx version

Windows update has crashed the Flexgrid on Ms Access Database.  I have followed several threads which indicated that I need to unregister and reregister the msflxgrd.ocx file, however this does not work.   I do know that I need an updated version of the .ocx file but can't locate one anywhere.  The only 'answer' that I have is to download a different update from Microsoft on a system that has Visual Studio 6 or VS.net 2002, neither of which I have on my systems.   Does anyone have a link to a site that will provide the single file?  Very important, it has to be the correct version number:    msflxgrd.ocx version
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bzspudConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This was not located easily.  After many hours online, and on the the phone w/ Microsoft tech support, I finally found someone in my own business circle of friends who 'knew someone' at Microsoft tech support and got the file sent to me.  Putting the updated .ocx file on the system and then unregistering and reregistering it was the fix.  
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bzspudAuthor Commented:
Good direction.   I'm trying to  remember how to close it.
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