Mapping between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 forms and the Customization entities

Is there a document that clearly shows all forms from CRM and how are they mapped to the entities/fields from Settings | Customization?

For ex. I'm trying to find the pick list for Lead | Convert Lead | Disqualify | Status.
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mihaiszConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Here it goes:

Open Settings | Customization  | Customize Entities | Leads | Attributes and open the "Status Reason" (statuscode) form.
Go to the Status drop-down on the form and select "Disqualified". I could then edit the list.
Very intuitive...

If anybody has a diagram of any sort with the mapping between the forms from CRM and the entities/fields from Settings | Customization, I'd appreciate if you could share.
You go to settings --> customization --> customize entity ---> lead

You can see forms and view. then click on form view. This will show you Forms  customization

1. You can add fields , remove fields ( change the look and feel of that )
2.  You can not get Convert lead form or buttons for this.

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