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Windows Storage Server 2003 will not start after SQL Server 2005 Uninstall

Hi all.

   I am working on a machine on which I have very little knowledge of its history. It is a Windows Storage Server 2003 box running SQL Server 2005. Upon each startup, at the Windows login screen, the following error was being displayed:

"Your SQL Server installation is either corrupt or has been tampered with (Error getting instance ID from name.). Please uninstall then re-run setup to correct this problem"

   After what seemed to be a successful uninstall of SQL Server 2005, I ran four different registry cleaners back to back that have served me well in the past. (I know, I know, I shouldn't have done that...) I then went to the Windows Update site and installed the one outstanding item, "Microsoft Windows Update KB960089: Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2." The install was successful. I cleared the event logs and rebooted.

   Windows begins what seems to be its normal process except for an unusually long time at the "Applying computer settings..." stage. Then, all dialogs go away and I am left with nothing but a grey background. The server is in a remote location presently inaccessible physically. What I am reporting to you is through LogMeIn. I can also log in with Remote Desktop, but they both display the same blank screen with the grey background. (The grey background is of course normal when Windows starts with the obvious exception of that being ALL there is.) The server does respond to remote reboot commands via Sysinternals psshutdown utility but each reboot results in the same thing. And yes, I have waited hours upon hours to just make sure it wasn't getting a slow start. Six hours later, I am ready to ask you guys. :)

   Attached are five output files that I hope help in diagnosing this issue. They are the output of some of the Sysinternals "PS" tools. The files are named accordingly. Can anyone help me figure out why I cannot get into Windows? If you need any additional diagnostic information, please let me know. If I am able to get it from the hung server, I'll post it.

Many thanks in advance!

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GyroTracAuthor Commented:
I cannot believe this. But after DAYS of the "grey screen," the login box finally appeared! I logged in and while it did take longer that it should, it was only about 60 seconds before it logged into Windows after I entered the credentials.

So I'll keep this question posted because I still need to know how to fix this. I cannot wait FOUR DAYS if I have to reboot the server.
well all I think is, there must be something weired happened when yourun registry cleanup. It may affected user profile as well. now, youcan do one thing, can you check "msconfig" for startup item? if youhave completely removed sql server than there shouldn't be anythingleft there on startup for SQL Server. one more probability of malwareor virus I can think about. do you have any good virus scannerinstalled?
GyroTracAuthor Commented:
The system is protected by up-to-date anti-virus / anti-malware implements. I restored all registry entries removed by the registry cleaners and the issue persisted so I think we can rule out that one as well. There is nothing in msconfig that would reference SQL server and I wouldn't expect there to be given the recent uninstallation.

Still at a loss...
GyroTracAuthor Commented:
No help on this either...closing the question.

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