Running Access 2003 retail on Access 2007 Runtime on the same system

I created an Access DB project in Access 2007.  The server in our office has Access 2003 but upgrading to 2007 requires that we purchase multiple copies for multiple seats so this got a little expensive.  

I installed the 2007 runtime version on the server, changed the extension to .accdr and the program worked great, but none of the 2003 access DB's would work, because they were opening with the 2007 runtime.  I right clicked on the 2003 version and told it to open with Access.  This fixed the problem with the 2003 versions, but it set the default to open with the 2003 version, and I can't open the 2007 runtime program.

Is there any way to make the computer open the .mdb program with Access 2003 and the .accdr versions with the Access 2007 run time version.

I have searched extensively online but I can't find any information.  

I would appreciate any ideas that you may have to resolve this.
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Try This:
Uninstall Access 2003 then reinstall access 2007 runtime.
Reboot then install Access 2003 and install all the serivce packs.
Access should take over the .MDB file and leave the .ACCDR alone.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Try running your Files from shortcuts that specify the Access executable to be used to open the file:

The command of the shortcut would be something like this thje attached snippet.
The snippet will force the Database file named: YourDatabase.mdb be opened with Access 2003
(Obviously you will need to reference your specific Office Folder location)


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 2003\OFFICE11\MsAccess.exe" "c:\YourFolder\YourDatabase.mdb"

Open in new window

rockymtnAccessAuthor Commented:
I installed the service packs for Access 2003 and that resolved the issue.   I did not need to uninstall/reinstall anything.  There is a delay every time you switch from 2003 to 2007 of about 2 minutes, but it works.
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