How could I create my own backup program?

I would like to create my own backup program. I know many exist but none seem to do exactly what I want. I would like to create a backup program that can copy complete directories (ie folders and files) to a local drive and also backup to a remote server at my main office. Can someone suggest how I might get started? (is there any tutorials anyone has ran accross?). What language should I use? (I will be running this on a Windows XP or Server Workstation) [Maybe VB? C? PERL? JAVA? I don't really know where to start].

Any information you can provide is well appreciated.
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I use winzip and script it in a batch file, works great.

You can do multiple complete images of a directory including subdirectories,

cd \
cd backup

wzzip -a x:\backup\ C:\websites\*.* -r -P

You can also batch copy with unstoppable copier, a shareware utility from the internet.
(It will do subdirectories)

if you are in linux, you can do the same type of thing with tar and gz.
You can after, you create your script to backup, install tar and gz on your windows box and do the same there.

I've used many programs and like to backup in multiple ways because if you have one failure in your backup, all may be lost.

NEComputerAuthor Commented:
I am aware of creating a batch script using commands with the winzip program but I am thinking something more customizable, more detailed, more indepth.

Any other solutions?
you could write almost anything using TCL, or C++

I'd use AWS (amazon's S3 services) for storage, as it's really inexpensive storage.

Also, If what you want is a product to just rebrand, a number of backup solutions have re branding opportunities.
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If "backup program that can copy complete directories (ie folders and files) to a local drive and also backup to a remote server at my main office. " is your only need... then there are many commercially available software which can do this....
NEComputerAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the responses.

I am not looking just to rebrand but to establish a core application used by my company. I started my search by trying to analyze and take a part some of the open source backup software available to see how they created theirs but haven't been that successful.

The idea is that I am trying not to use an existing commercial software. I guess I am trying to trully understand how the backup software internally works (on database, files, etc) and through the process of understanding this I want to create my own.

Has anyone done this before?
NEComputerAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the start to a good solution however I was looking for more detail. Thanks for the help and I have continued to search for more help with other posts so if you can provide any more information please feel free to look at my other quesitons.
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