Outlook 2007,Hosted Exchange and Certificate

We recently moved to Mailstreet as our Exchange Hosting provider. Our current domain is managed by AndHosting. Every time we log into Mailstreet from Outlook 2007 a autodiscover.domain.com certificate appears. It says the name is invalid (last line), even if I accept the certificate, I am prompted everytime I login.

I know its not a Mailstreet issue as I have setup other domains on it before. Is it an Outlook issue or domain management issue? Can I switch this off (Tech support have not got back to me as yet)?

Thanks in advance.
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Ensure autodiscover.yourdomain.com is a CNAME for autodiscover.mseX.exchange.ms (where X is the number of your Hosted Exchange environment)
The DNS for your domain isn't configured correctly.
Mailstreet should have told you how to configure your DNS for their service, including the use of autodiscover. Check their support documentation for setup.

You cannot turn off the autodiscover process.

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