Watchguard Spam Blocker - Allow certain IP with our email address

We have a Watchguard Firebox x550e with SpamBlocker.   It is great, but I need help with one thing.

Our exchange 2003 server is hosted at our location (the same as the firebox).   We can get emails from people in the company just fine.  We also have a server hosted by MediaTemple that is not at our location.

On this server we have a few websites that send email confirmations using our company's email address.   It goes fine to outside users, but when we try to send emails to our users they get blocked.  

This is good because a lot of spam tries to act like someone internal, so i see why it does this, but is there a way to allow this certain server from mediatemple to send emails to our company without allowing all emails that are "pretending" to be us go through?
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emgdaveAuthor Commented:
Turned out it was an issue with our domain's email settings with our registrar.   We had mail enabled on their side but not configured so it was not going anywhere.   We turned that off and the emails flowed.
What NDR are u getting?
Yes there is...  just put in the ip in the allow list in content filtering...
rest enable all other filterings...
do iisreset on the command prompt
If you are getting the confirmation email from specific user(s) you can add exceptions to the general spamBlocker actions that is based on the senders address.

Other options are to add another SMTP proxy service with spamblocker turned off OR using filtered SMTP Service and do no filtering at all; for all incoming email traffic from specific public address [Media Temple], in any case, configure service as below:
Incoming connections are "Enabled and Allowed"; from public-ip-of-Media-Temple; to nat-for-internal-server

Please let know if you need more details.

Thank you.
emgdaveAuthor Commented:
x-sam.... where are the content filtering settings?
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