Reset default formatting for different levels in MS Word 2007 Outline View

I have been working on this for a while and I'm just getting more confused :(  Can you tell me how to set the formatting (font, size, color, etc.) for the nine different levels in MS Word 2007 Outline View. I know it comes with preset defaults and I think that changing them has something to do with the Styles options in the Home ribbon but I just keep going round in circles.
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Eric FletcherCommented:
You are right; it is in how the styles are defined.

What you need to do is redefine the styles for "Heading 1" through "Heading 9" (or just as many of them as you need). I'm using Word 2003, but the procedure is essentially the same.

For Word 2003, you can get at the Modify option from the Styles and Formatting pane: just scroll down to the style you want to change and hover over it to get at the Modify option.

For Word 2007, use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to get the Styles pane, then click the Manage Styles button. In the dialog box, click the Edit tab, then find and select the style name: click Modify to get the Modify Style dialog where you can make the changes you need.

In both cases, you will want to save the changes: in Word 2003, click the "Add to template" checkbox in the Modify Styles dialog; I don't have it open to chec for Word 2007, but look for something similar. The style modifications need to be saved to a template, and unless you specify otherwise, it will be the default one so all subsequent new documents will use these new definitions.

Be aware that Word's styles can inherit attributes, so it can be worthwhile to plan things out a bit before you start. For example, if your Heading 1 will be set in 18pt Calibri Bold, and each of headings 2-4 are in some variant of Calibri Bold before you switch to Cambria for Heading 5, it would make sense to use the "based on=Heading 1" option in the style definitions for Heading 2-4. This way, if you later decided to use Arial Bold instead of Calibri Bold, you would only need to change the definition for Heading 1 -- and the Heading 2-4 styles would inherit the font attribute from it.
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