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Maple - convert string to int.

How can I convert a list of strings into a list of integers in maple?

I have an alphabet:


and a message:

msg := "I DO NOT LIKE MAPLE ";

I break the message into a list of substrings of size 2:

str := StringTools[LengthSplit](msg,2);

 str := "I ", "DO", " N", "OT", " L", "IK", "E ", "MA", "PL", "E "

How can I convert each substring into an integer where the following assignments would would hold:

_space = 00 A = 01 B = 02 C = 03 :: :: Z = 26

so I should end up with something like this:

[0800], [0415], ......... [0500]

that's a two digit number for each letter combined for two letter, a total of four digits.
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1 Solution
I need one clarification. What you expect if the input message contains a character that is outside of list of alphabet list.
For example: If for above alphabet list, for input message "I LIKE MANGO, BANANA and APPLE."
like comma(,) and full stop(.) are not there in the list of alphabets.
ubuntuguyAuthor Commented:
Perfect input is assumed. So no error checking is necessary.
ubuntuguyAuthor Commented:
thanks i don't need the answer anymore.
Following steps can be followed to implement the code for this problem:-

Step 1:
First you need to create an array to store the corresponding integer value for a character in your alphabet. There are various ways. I think that on the basis of ascii value of that character you can create array. For example, for 'J' whose ascii value is 74, we can have CharCodeArray[74] = 10,  for 'A' we can have CharCodeArray[65] = 01 as ascii value of 'A' is 65 so on... Initially we have CharCodeArray containing zeros like CharCodeArray[i] = -1 for i = 0 to 99. We create array based on the list of the alphabets.

Step 2:
Then we read the next substring generated from input msg's characters and get the ascii value of each one. In our case its 2 character substring. say first character's ascii value is 73 (for character 'I') and second character's ascii value is 32 (for space).

Step 3:
Get the coded value for both the characters from CharCodeArray.

Step 4:
Multiply first character with 100 and add second to the result. And the print the output in [----] format specifying the '[' , ']' and 4 digits for the resultant value.

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