Cisco 7200 router web traffic filtering

I have a Cisco 7200 router running IOS ver 12.4
I am currently filtering web traffic by using the "ip inspect" and "ip urlfilter server vendor" IOS commands.  I was wondering if there was a similar way to inspect\filter HTTPS traffic as well as the standard HTTP traffic that I am already filtering.
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harbor235Connect With a Mentor Commented:

ip inspect <name> https , it can be done you just lack the application awareness that can be done via http or other non encrypted protocols.  Portions of the packet can be inpsected, ip hdr, tcp hdr, etc ...

harbor235 ;}

The problem is that the traffic is encrypted so your are limited in what can be done.

harbor235 ;]
AManouxAuthor Commented:
With a firewall service module on a Cisco 6513 Catalast I can use the following command:
filter https 443 [source] [mask] [destination] [mask]

I was hoping there was somthing similar for a 7200 router
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